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I met Andre Kertesz in Santa Fe, New Mexico when he came by the Ernesto Mayans gallery during the opening of one of his last exhibitions.  Andre was a Hungarian-born photographer best known for his ground breaking contributions to the photographic composition and the photo essay.  He pushed the limits of amazing photographic street photography by showing some incredible moments, using both shadows and perfect timing.  He is considered by many as one of the founding fathers of  photojournalism. Andre was one of the photographers who's work I studied religiously and admired while growing up.  I finally had a chance to meet with "The Man" and we spoke a little bit since the only language we had in common was French.  I had been studying French in high school and some in college.Me and Andre Kertesz This photo of me and Andre Kertesz was taken just two weeks before Andre died on September 28, 1985.


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